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About Mama's Moving Company

Local Movers


We aren’t the big guys: We’re locals in your community. We don’t have 100+ trucks but we do regularly bump into past customers at the grocery store and we’re pretty proud of that. We live here, we work here. This is our community too.


Yes, there really is a mama behind the logo. Georgina is a mama who loves to get it done right, fast, and with a smile. Georgina has a passion and a knack for planning, organization, and operations. Before dedicating her skills to Mama’s Moving, Georgina successfully led business teams at fortune-500, start-up, and non-profit organizations. She lives in Maine with her family and her superpower is an encyclopedic knowledge of exactly where to find that thing you’re looking for.

How Mama picks her movers

Our staff are chosen for their expertise, professionalism and courtesy - we treat your belongings and your time as we would our own. 

We also know that having a moving team in your home, around your family or at your business can be uncomfortable. That's why our team is full of folks who are polite and a pleasure to be around. 

You’ll know our team by their uniforms and their hustle. You’ll never see our team sit, smoke or cuss on a job... but you will see them take great care with your belongings, go the extra mile to protect your items & home and seek out ways to go above and beyond for you. 

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